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A Bright Future for Africa

Comprehensive Sexuality Education From Haverhill, MA

Quality Health Care for Sierra Leone

At the Dora and Ya Mabinty Hope Foundation, we know that Sierra Leone has a bright future. Our goal is to bring together a wide coalition of stakeholders - including teens, parents, clergy, educators, employers, and policy-makers, along with health care and social services providers - to create and sustain programs that are both culturally and age appropriate. We are focused on drug and alcohol prevention as well as providing a comprehensive sexuality education from our Haverhill, MA location to Africa.

Empowering Young People

Young people are the future of Africa. We focus on programs that utilize best practices and empower teens to make healthy decisions for themselves in the areas of:

  • Academic Support
  • Parent & Adult Involvement
  • Teen Health Services
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention
  • Responsible Media Messages
  • Teen Parent Programs
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Kids Eating - Healthcare For African Children Haverhill, MA

About Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive sexuality education gives young people the skills they need to make informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health. Our programs focus on abstinence-first, medically accurate information about human biology, public and reproductive health issues, and pregnancy prevention. We also support prenatal care to ensure healthier pregnancies.